Disinfection systems are safer, more reliable and cost effective than traditional powdered, granulated and gaseous chlorine methods. By eliminating the need to purchase, store and dose chlorine those people who would come into contact have a safer place to work, play and swim. Produce sodium hypochlorite in-situ and on demand to provide the right amount when you need it. The systems are fully automatic, PLC controlled and sized to cater for peak demand. The compact and modular nature of the process allows for easy customized easy design, installation and upgrades. Send us an email and one of the Aquaclear team will get back to you.

The Process

There are two types of Aquaclear disinfection systems, on-line and off-line. On-line systems are generally installed on low salinity environments such as swimming pools, water features and other water treatment applications. They generate a powerful oxidising solution safely, reliably and economically.

Off-line systems use a more concentrated saline solution to generate the sodium hypochlorite which is stored in tank to meet the dosing requirements. The hypochlorite production process can be chemically represented as follows:

NaCl + H2O + energy ‘ HOCl + NaOCl + H2

HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) and NaOCI (Sodium Hypochlorite) are powerful oxidising agents, which are ideal for swimming pool disinfection and general water treatment.

The system is simple, reliable and is controlled by either relays, or a PLC which continuously monitors the performance of the machine and makes the appropriate adjustment.

If required, it can be integrated into the building management Systems.

Why Aquaclear?

Aquaclear onsite Chlorine disinfection systems are safe, reliable and cost effective. Aquaclear does not require powdered or granulated chlorine, nor does it expose employees to the hazards associated with the storage and handling of chlorine. Customised Aquaclear disinfection systems can be developed to meet operating requirements. Equipment selection and design will ensure an adequate supply of liquid chlorine is available for disinfection. Aquaclear systems are based on the principles of electrochlorination. Electrochlorination is a cost effective means of water disinfection and a suitable substitute to traditional chlorine systems. Aquaclear disinfection systems are equipped with controls to ensure the correct amount of chlorine is delivered to save money by not overdosing whilst ensuring the minimum level is maintained. Aquaclear disinfection systems supplied and installed by Wafi Industrial LLC. The Wafi Group is well known within Dubai and the UAE for providing quality and reliability. A number of hotels and water parks are already using Aquaclear.

Advantages and Benefits

Aquaclear can save you money
Aquaclear disinfection system can save you money on chemicals, labor and reduce daily back washing requirements. The Aquaclear system is fully automatic and requires very little maintenance, reducing your pool technicians work load.

Aquaclear is safer
This system eliminates the need for any direct handling of chlorine. The chlorine generation takes place in a closed loop system so employees should never be in contact. Pool technicians will no longer have to mix or hand dose chlorine again. The storage of chemicals will no longer be required in the stores or plant room making the whole place safer for both guests and employees.

Aquaclear provides better quality water
With the Aquaclear System installed on your pools you will no longer see the water go cloudy during busy periods which happens with traditional dosing systems when they can not keep pace with the chlorine demand of the pool. Aquaclears’ are sized to keep the pool water in perfect condition during the hottest and busiest periods. The slightly saline solution in the pool is similar to the natural salinity of our eyes. Contact lens solution is a similar salinity, hence most people find swimming in this environment far more pleasant than fresh water.

Aquaclear delivers the right amount of chlorine
The system is sized to have the capacity to generate enough chlorine per day to easily cope with the demand of the pool to maintain a constant concentration of chlorine at all times. In addition, the modularity of the system allows extra capacity to be added if required.

PLC controls makes Aquaclear more reliable
The system is controlled by a PLC. This will provide for more reliable and flexible control of chlorine, pH, as well as interlocking the equipment with sensors to provide for all safety requirements of the system. The PLC is more reliable and flexible than typical dosing control systems. The system is designed to maintain a constant disinfection 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

No more bad chlorine smells
The chlorine produced by the Aquaclear System is produced in a closed loop system and dosed straight to the pool on demand, which means you will never get a chlorine smell in or around your plant room. The bad chlorine smell usually associated with typical chlorine dosing systems in and around the pool is also eliminated, as all of the combined chlorine (chloramines) are rapidly destroyed as they are subjected to an intense hit of chlorine as they pass through the electrolysis cells. This intense hit of chlorine also oxygenates the water, which is why pools using Aquaclear have water that takes on a polished appearance.